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In our days, getting credits, if you are going to ask the bank, it is not as simple as before. Access to credit is more restricted, which has made many people look for alternatives to the traditional way of bank financing. For example, it is for those who wish to have access to the difficult loans Financial Credit Institutions.

Next, from Astro Finance we explain why this type of financial product is so highly valued and what are its characteristics.

Why do the difficult credit Financial Credit Institutions arise?

Why do the difficult credit Financial Credit Institutions arise?

Basically, you have to put yourself in the context of the intervention of the Spanish banking system that, after the last economic crisis, carried out the Spanish public institutions. And is that one of the causes of this crisis had to do with the credits that were not returned. It was considered that these had been granted without sufficient return guarantees, so one of the measures to adjust the banking sector would be to tighten the requirements to approve the granting of credits.

These requirements were, for example, the requirement of an endorsement and a payroll, but there were others, such as those relating to Financial Credit Institutions, which will be explained below.

What are the hard credit Financial Credit Institutions?

What are the hard credit Financial Credit Institutions?

As we have advanced you, the banks became stricter with the requirements to demand from their clients. And one of the precautions that were taken when making sure the returns was to consult certain censuses of defaulters.

We refer, for example, to lists such as the Financial Credit Institutions. Of these registries are in charge, in general, banks, insurance companies and other entities that share information about the debt histories of their clients.

The banks, therefore, before granting a loan perform the management of consulting these listings. And if they verify that there is some debt registered in them, however small, they dismiss the requested credit. Therefore, it is clear that you do not want to appear on these lists. Generally, from the banking entities they will recommend to their client to pay the debt and demand that they be eliminated from these censuses.

Keep in mind, on the other hand, that you can get to appear in these lists for various reasons that would not have to compromise your ability to return an approved credit. Without going any further, your name may have been included in them because of a negligible amount that you had forgotten to pay or even by mistake. In this sense, the United Consumers Organization (OCU) has received numerous complaints from citizens who are required to pay for certain services of telecommunications companies that they had not contracted.

Disadvantages like these can make you lose an important source of funding at the right time. You already know that, for many expenses (paying a fine and avoiding paying higher interest rates, investing in an essential work to open your business, buying a good or service that is only temporarily discounted …), you need the money urgently. So, in these cases, you may not be able to waste time in making the necessary arrangements, through a payment or a rectification, so that your name disappears from Financial Credit Institutions and they grant you the relevant loan.

These are the reasons that, from our point of view, justify that you are interested in the difficult credits Financial Credit Institutions. You need this financial product, since it implies that these censuses are not going to be consulted. Of course, you have to show that you have a source of regular income, which does not have to be a payroll. And it saves time and money by doing all the procedures on the Internet.

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