COI Card credit card – payday reviews and reviews.

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sCOI card holders can use it to pay for purchases both in stationary and online stores around the world. The big advantage of this financial product is that it includes individual help from the account manager for each customer who has doubts or problems regarding the use of the card.

It is worth emphasizing that the COI credit card can be obtained in a much easier and simpler way than in a traditional bank, which is undoubtedly one of the biggest and advantages of this non-banking product.


COI card – offer

AXI card - offer

This financial product is a Premium Card Standard credit card that includes a contactless payment option. The card limit is granted depending on the customer’s creditworthiness. The mCOImum limit amount is PLN 6,000. The minimum repayment amount is 15% of the granted credit limit and may not be greater than the total sum of liabilities on the card.

It is good to know that if the customer wants to repay only the minimum amount in the first 5 days of the month, then the interest rate in accordance with the terms of the contract will be 0.75% per month, while the administrative commission will reach 5.25 percent. monthly.

Importantly, we can receive the COI credit card without the need for a verification transfer confirming the authenticity of personal data and the bank account of the consumer.

COI Card – how to increase the credit limit?

AXI Card - how to increase the credit limit?

When you decide on a financial product from Fast Payment Comp., you must be aware that there is a possibility of increasing the credit limit. In a situation where we obtain a low credit limit, we can apply for a higher credit limit after three months. The condition for using this solution is timely repayment of existing obligations.

The limit on the COI card can be increased by informing customer service. When the request for increasing the limit is approved by the financial institution, then our credit card balance will be automatically updated.


COI card – application process

AXI card - application process

Applying for an COI credit card is a fairly simple process that does not require us to provide complicated information and fill out many incomprehensible documents. Completing the application on the website of this institution takes only a few minutes – this is great news for all consumers who do not like to spend time dealing with this type of case. Below is a step-by-step guide that will explain in detail how to get this financial product.

  • submitting the application on the COI Card website,
  • filling out the form and waiting for contact from a consultant,
  • signing the contract, which the courier provides with the card.

A positive credit decision and obtaining a specific credit limit on the COI card depends on the following:

  • the monthly income of the person applying for a financial liability on the COI card may not be less than PLN 1200,
  • repayment of financial liabilities held by various financial institutions must be settled by the consumer on time, and any delay in repayment may be up to 30 days.

COI Card – conditions

AXI Card - conditions

You should know that only people who meet the conditions set out by Fast Payment Comp. Can participate in the COI credit card application process. This is not surprising, because in every financial institution there are specific requirements for the consumer who wants to get a financial commitment. What conditions must be met to receive this non-bank product? Below is their full list:

  • 21 years old
  • earnings of at least PLN 1200 a month,
  • proof of income,
  • current ID card,
  • no negative credit history.

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