Month: August 2019

Credit from 18 with a jobCredit from 18 with a job

 A loan or cash loan at the age of 18 is a very controversial topic. Latvian Non-Banking Lenders Association (LNKA) believes that people who have just reached the age of majority do not need to borrow money. According to LNKA, most people at the age of 18 are students or students who should not have […]

Get your hard credits Credit InstitutionsGet your hard credits Credit Institutions

  In our days, getting credits, if you are going to ask the bank, it is not as simple as before. Access to credit is more restricted, which has made many people look for alternatives to the traditional way of bank financing. For example, it is for those who wish to have access to the […]

Credit to Buy a New ComputerCredit to Buy a New Computer

At the time when so many services and facilities are available in the electronic environment, one of the most necessary goods is computer. In many places it is used as a working tool, and students and pupils use computers during the learning process; a computer with internet connection allows you to pay for various services […]