Credit from 18 with a jobCredit from 18 with a job

 A loan or cash loan at the age of 18 is a very controversial topic. Latvian Non-Banking Lenders Association (LNKA) believes that people who have just reached the age of majority do not need to borrow money. According to LNKA, most people at the age of 18 are students or students who should not have […]

Get your hard credits Credit InstitutionsGet your hard credits Credit Institutions

  In our days, getting credits, if you are going to ask the bank, it is not as simple as before. Access to credit is more restricted, which has made many people look for alternatives to the traditional way of bank financing. For example, it is for those who wish to have access to the […]

Credit to Buy a New ComputerCredit to Buy a New Computer

At the time when so many services and facilities are available in the electronic environment, one of the most necessary goods is computer. In many places it is used as a working tool, and students and pupils use computers during the learning process; a computer with internet connection allows you to pay for various services […]

Rescheduling 65000 euros – with immediate approvalRescheduling 65000 euros – with immediate approval

Are you planning to reschedule? 65,000 euros loan you want to refinance to 120 months, only the appropriate loan offer was not there yet? We encourage you to compare loan offers. 65,000 euros loan amount finance most borrowers very long term. Current loan offers with 10 years duration, we present to you. Rescheduling 65000 euros […]


It’s official, banks are increasing their mortgage rates to individuals! Banking institutions are spreading their new rate grids one after the other. This is not a surprise for Howard Roark who had anticipated the situation since October (see release of 12/10/216 on Howard Roark). Last week, the first bank to take the plunge and review […]

What is a credit?What is a credit?

Credit has several definitions The loan is further explained as the amount of cash or non-cash funds or assets that the lender lends to the borrower. The relationship between the borrower and the lender is called credit obligations. In a very unfortunate situation, debtors are also faced with court actions. As explained in the explanation of the […]

COI Card credit card – payday reviews and reviews.COI Card credit card – payday reviews and reviews.

  sCOI card holders can use it to pay for purchases both in stationary and online stores around the world. The big advantage of this financial product is that it includes individual help from the account manager for each customer who has doubts or problems regarding the use of the card. It is worth emphasizing […]